More than 18years of dental diode laser
specialty since 2002

A : It is known that a laser can perform a significant role in profit-making of a hospital, which is found by a long time of experiences.
We provide promotional banners, brochures for patients, light stands, and other materials for hospitals to help them gain more patients.

A : The answer is, a laser is greatly safe.
Laser has been adopted in various fields including dermatology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, obstetrics and gynecology.
Particularly dental laser is a lot safer since it does not need to use high energy (output) like the other departments.
Laser is quite different from using physical tools because it is using light energy.
Laser is safer than any other equipment or apparatus unless it is released directly to the eyes. (offer protective goggles)

A : K laser is the latest-model laser developed by R&D of Hulaser, a specialized company for dental diode laser.
Hulaser is a specialized company for diode laser which has studied dental diode laser for more than 13 years, and across the world, Hulaser is the only company professionalized in a field of dental diode laser.
Constant technological development and investment in R&D for more than 3 years only for K laser gave a birth of K laser, the world's best laser.
Specification, performance, price, design, convenience, safety, consumables, every detail has been perfectly prepared.
We are confident that K laser is the world’s no.1 dental diode laser that best matches the word 'perfect'.

A : Hulaser is laser specialty company that specially deals with dental light (laser or light) for more than 13 years.
We have built experiences and manpower that can solve all the questions, problems about laser and suggest appropriate solutions.
After sales service is the core priority that the company puts the best effort. Customer satisfaction is the company goal that we pursue

A : from view of clinical application, it is impossible to conduct bone cutting with K laser, but when considering Soft Tissue Management, much more various ways of application is possible.
Also the price (1/7-1/10), maintenance cost, possibility of breakdown show a wide difference.
The breakdown hardly appears and needed consumable is detachable tip.
* A set of detachable tip 50,000 KW (tip body 1EA+cap 3EA) / number of usage: several times – over dozens of times (Reusable and Autoclavable)

A : operation is easier than Co2 laser, and its volume or weight is 1/10 less.
K laser can be used in contact or contactless way in accordance with the purposes and easy and accurate operation is possible while Co2 laser only offers contactless way.
Also K laser can handle not only all kinds of treatment for soft tissue that Co2 laser can do, but Endo, Perio, LLLT that Co2 laser cannot handle.
Most of Co2 products in domestic market use components from China for more than 80% of the product.
Especially Tube in products, a core component, is 100% from China.
Co2 laser developed for dental field is only 1-2 kinds of Co2 laser.
In particular, malfunction or excessive energy can cause serious problems such as damages to nerve or bone.
To summarize, it can be easily understood if considering it as an expensive electric knife.

A : With a long time of experiences and know-hows as a laser specialty company, we generated the next generation model of LD (laser module), a core technology of semiconductor laser, optimized compatibility between each part, and created laser platform that can prevent side effect caused by high output, our laser can make the best result even with a low output.
Current convenient devices and easy graphic interface designed for both beginners and experts, and 3 types of special pulse for skillful users are added.
Our product has gone through engineering for easy, convenience, efficient and safe.

A : Currently Yag, Ysgg and diode laser occupied the global market.
Some still use Nd:yag, Co2 laser, but they are disappearing with several problems. They even were not developed for dental use.
In the US or Europe, semiconductor laser is getting public interest.
It is because of inexpensive price, various application ways and convenient movement, and also because it can be used without breakdown or expendables.

A : With K laser, varied treatment and procedures are possible including laser surgery (Incision and excision).
(refer to page 3 of catalogue) It is easy and safe to use, and can be applied to various procedures after a little effort.
It offers high efficiency and satisfaction and is good for patient management.
Particularly, its way of contact (laser surgery) requires skill of chief doctor, and procedures conducted by contactless method (Biostimulation, Hypersensitivity, Laser Osseointegration, Laser dressing(Sterilization;Bactericidal effect), Ulcers, etc.) are safe and suitable for use of dental staffs since it is contactless method.
Not like the other laser equipment, K4 is highly efficient and safe laser equipment.

A : K laser is produced and manufactured under a strict standard and exported to 20 foreign advanced countries being favorably accepted.
It can be said that there is not a side effect led by malfunction of equipment.
However, as a slight side effect that can appear sometimes, excessive use of laser can cause slow recovery and pain after treatment.
Such side effects are automatically cured without special treatment.
Users do not have to worry about side effects unless they use excessive energy.

A : Laser can be an important tool of not only clinical convenience of users, but promotion of hospitals.
For the dignity and efficient promotion of a hospital, we offer polished and sophisticated promotional materials and help customers install them when delivering the equipment.
Partly charged (banner, light stand, panel, brochure for patient)