More than 18years of dental diode laser
specialty since 2002

A : Maybe it is because of a broken optical fiber.
Open a tip cap and check if an optical fiber inside of a product is broken.
If an optical fiber is not broken and still you can’t see red light, call service center

A : There can be several possible causes. First, check the followings.
- Replace tip.
- Confirm if a tip is inserted properly.
- Check there’s a red light at the end.
If you confirmed 3 things above and still you think the output is weak, call service center.
*Using a product over 2W more than 10 minutes can cause a temporary weak output.
In this case, cooling a product for about 10 minutes is recommended.

A : It is a natural phenomenon.
There is a laser generator on a handle like a car engine that raises the heat temporarily; it is not a serious problem.
The temperatures goes down when a product is turned off.

A : Call A/S service center.

A : It is not a malfunction. You can use it after charging a battery.