More than 18years of dental diode laser
specialty since 2002

A : Maybe it is because of a broken optical fiber.
Open a tip cap and check if an optical fiber inside of a product is broken.
If an optical fiber is not broken and still you can’t see red light, call service center

A : There can be several possible causes. First, check the followings.
- Replace tip.
- Confirm if a tip is inserted properly.
- Check if there’s a red light at the end.
If you confirmed 3 things above and if you still think the output is weak, call the service center.
*Using a product over 2W more than 10 minutes can cause a temporary weak output.
In this case, cooling a product for about 10 minutes is recommended.

A : Check the remaining charge.
If such phenomenon happens often although the battery charge remains enough, it is because the life of battery ended.
However, when the battery is switched off even if there was battery replacement not long ago, call A/S service center.

A : It is not a malfunction. You can use it after charging a battery.

A : Sometimes it happens because a laser irradiation switch on a handpiece is pushed.
Check if the switch is on.