More than 18years of dental diode laser
specialty since 2002
Dental laser specialty Since 2002

Hulaser has an ambition in becoming a company that has pride, put our best efforts as a group of specialists who are progressive, positively challenge, and make impossible, possible under our company motto of Progress, Positive, Possible, Pride and Professional.
To be a company that endeavors for the best products and is young and sincere, every worker of Hulaser gives a promise of following the business ethics with right company value, establishing a foothold to the world and being a global medical company.
Workers in Hulaser handle every matter based on principles, moderation and general sense. Every staff and worker of Hulaser works on the basis of such philosophy without any exception.
We look forward to of support from the customers to be the best company, and promise that we will return the profits to the customers.
We sincerely hope for your healthiness and successful achievement.

All employees of Hulaser
2017 Launching K2 mobile in IDS in cologne
2017 Participating 7 international dental exhibitions
2017 1 million dollars government fund received for research and development of dental diode laser
2017 New products project launched
2017 In December, separation of Headquarter and production place for expanding manufacturing quantity
(Headquarter in southern part of Seoul/ production in Western part of Seoul)

2016 Relocated the company building to Gasan Digital Valley (present)
2016 Obtained Governmental Task for Product Fair Improvement
2016 Achieved and finished the Enhancing Capabilities for Export Business project
2016 Joined overseas exposition in the Middle East, US and Eastern Europe
2016 Achieved overseas certificates of CE and FDA
2016 Selected as 2016 Good Design
2016 Obtained overseas patents from the US and China and patent pending for new overseas patents
2016 Began to export the Middle East, Europe, Asia, etc.
2016 Began a new product development project

2015 Obtained patents in the US, China and Europe
2015 Registered design patent / Obtained and registered multiple technological patents
2015 Applied and obtained overseas certificate
2015 Concluded a contract for the overseas sales office of Knowledgee Industry Center in Munjeong
2015 Expanded the clean room of laboratory
2014 Developed K2 mobile laser
2014 Applied multiple patents
2014 Changed the company name to HULASER Inc.
2014 Obtained the governmental task worth 1.6 billion

2013 Launched K lasers in IDS in Germany
2013 Launched K lasers in Korean market
2013 Launched K4 MPX
2013 Developed K2 laser
2013 Developed K1 laser

2011 Completed the development of Zenus
2011 Relocated the main laboratory for dental laser

2010 Conducted R&D for skin laser

2009 Dental Laser Research and development
(Diode, Er-YAG, CO2 laser)

2008 PSMED Inc. Conversion to a corporation
2008 Relocated in Seocho-gu, Seoul

2007 Founded a company laser laboratory

2002~2008 Dental diode laser distribution in korea market

2002 PSMED Co., Ltd. established
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