More than 18years of dental diode laser
specialty since 2002

A : To get a laser, you can go buy on our shopping mall ( or contact us directly.
There will be a visit and education about how to use the product, clinical data, and management method after turning up the schedule with a dentist's office.
The education usually takes about.

A : Surgery cases using laser can be verified by the eyes directly while some of treatments (contactless procedures, gum treatment, etc.) need follow-up after treatment for at least few days or months.
In addition, because there can be some side effects (slow speed, afterpain, slow recovery, etc.) if an operator conducts the treatment with little knowledge about laser which might lead to prejudice, negative image of product, and even a confusion in purchase, we do not have a plan for trial use.
Professional consultant will offer delicate consultation for questions before purchase, and also management after sale including detailed education and various data so that a customer can use the product well.

A : Expendables are a representative part of what we developed for the customers.
Lately, most of equipment lessen costs of equipment and maximize costs of expendables for easy market entry and profit-making.
Even though their initial cost is reasonable, the more the people use those products, the harder it gets to break.
Our product is designed for reasonable price so that every customer can access and minimize costs for expendables after purchase.
Especially a tip, typical consumable, is made of full metal in order to enable reuse through user sterilization.
it can be used long and its price is very reasonable too.
As a specialized company for dental laser, we have even tried hard for expendables to make our product obtain dominant position in global market.

A : When a product is delivered after purchase decision, a specialist from the company conducts detailed education (how to use, precautions, clinical data, etc.). It usually takes 1-2 hours.
You can make a request for revisit and explanation whenever you need more information about laser.
Furthermore, we arranged a place for e-Learning on our website, and are operating a site ( where the customers can share their clinical data.
Several channels have been prepared for various ways of application and use of K2 finger.

A : It is known that a laser can perform a significant role in profit-making of a hospital, which is found by a long time of experiences.
We provide promotional banners, brochures for patients, light stands, and other materials for hospitals to help them gain more patients.

A : The answer is, a laser is greatly safe.
Laser has been adopted in various fields including dermatology, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, obstetrics and gynecology.
Particularly dental laser is a lot safer since it does not need to use high energy (output) like the other departments.
Laser is quite different from using physical tools because it is using light energy.
Laser is safer than any other equipment or apparatus unless it is released directly to the eyes. (offer protective goggles)